Cornucopia’ is from my latest collection of glass sculptures which were created within the context of the exhibition “Tribute to Nature”. In Latin, ‘cornucopia’ means horn of abundance and fertility. It is associated with the gods of chance who have ‘the power to give’ a fruitful harvest, opulence and spiritual wealth. The meaning of ‘corn’ is horn, and ‘copia’ was a mythological god of fertility. In the arts is also referred to a horn of plenty that overflowed with fruits and vegetables.

‘Cornucopia’ is made of glass and the tiny little sparrow, sparkling with silver and jewels, signifies the preciousness and fragility of nature. The eggs hide the future in their shells and the hope we attribute to the future. This hope is closely related to the respect we show for nature…

Although the overall look of the collection is contemporary, one can discover traces of traditional techniques and forms, especially in the details. The innocent little sparrow, for example, designed with jewel-like qualities, has details which are inspired by traditional works of art. I intentionally combined traces and techniques of former times with contemporary materials, using the modern esprit d’art.

With these art works I wish to present a philosophical approach which combines the past, the present and the future into a unique whole. The observer can recognize the liaison between an inspiring local background and the contemporary universal language of art.

The glass collection is produced at the non-profit foundation the Glass Furnace / Istanbul