Did you know that March 20 is the day of sparrows around the world ?
Sparrows are one type of bird, which adapt themselves remarkably well to changes on the earth.
In spite of this their population has decreased rapidly in the last few years. With the aim of
highlighting this fact, internationally reknowned natural scientists have proclaimed the 20th March as
World Sparrow Day. As for many other kinds of animals environmental pollution
threatens the survival of sparrows. Several countries around the world have taken measures to enable them
to find places to nest and to find nutrition for their hatchlings.
As part of one of my latest collections, for which I was inspired by sparrows, I used glass and silver
in combination, in the design of ‘Sparrow in the Nest’.
The sparrow as a precious piece of jewellery placed in a nest made of glass.
With love to sparrows…



nest-kapak1 nest-ic

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