Simurgh represents the natural development of my glass art and brings to gether many themes from my latest collections. Simurgh is a symbolic bird, with numerous mystical and mythological attributes. The Simurgh was believed to purify the land and waters and hence bestow fertility. This flying creature represents the union between the earth and the sky, serving as mediator and messenger between the two. There is also an interesting narration: All the birds attempt to reach the magic and majestic bird simurgh, which they consider their saviour, that lives the behind the mythical mountain of Kaf. After their long and troublesome journey they realise that they are each nothing but a simurgh. In Sufi mysticism the simurgh is a metaphor for God. At the same time the simurgh is often mentioned as a symbol of man’s search for himself. This mythological bird is found in many facets in different regions of the world. The common characteristic of them all is immortality. After burning it is reborn again and again from the ashes, which concurs with the belief that the simurgh signifies spiritual enlightenment which equals rebirth. I wanted to reanimate the mythological simurgh, rising alive from the ashes, by means of glass, a material which can be formed creatively only when it burns. Flying from the past to the now…



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